Self-Pack and Self-Load International Removals

red-containerIf you are moving to Tenerife but want to keep the cost of removals down, there is nothing to stop you doing all your own packing and even loading. But where and how do you find the right packaging, plus boxes and, of course, a container unit? That’s where Universal Exports come into their own because they can solve those problems at a stroke. Then they arrange for transportation and storage at either end to make sure all the paperwork is in order for a smooth moving experience.

Once the container has been delivered, right outside your front door with a bit of luck, you can work out what goes where in the container. Don’t forget, you can pack just about anything, even a car (and trailer), and even before you begin to wrap and pack, that goes in first.

Universal Exports, who are based in the UK and in the south of Tenerife, will advise you thoroughly on what materials to employ for wrapping, right down to the most fragile of items and household goods. They can also supply the packaging, flat-pack boxes, and even the tape if necessary to make your life that much easier. Certain items require special packing. For example, we all know that books weigh a ton, but there are special, heavy-duty boxes to cater for them. As for chinaware, bubble-wrap and tight packing is essential to keep it all intact.boxes

Furniture items can easily be chipped or marked in transit if they are not wrapped carefully in felt pads, and plastic wrapping must be used for all bedding for the sake of hygiene. Remember, too, that each box must be marked clearly with labels telling you for which room they are bound.

You’d be surprised at the enormous space available inside the container, and it will almost certainly take you two to three days to get it loaded fully. One of the keys to optimising the space is to utilise the packaging boxes to the utmost. Another packing tip is to fit small items securely inside lager ones. For instance, insert smaller suitcases into larger ones to free up more space, and pack holdalls with various small items. If you do intend to take your car, avoid the temptation to fill it with other items as Customs do not allow this.

Moving is a traumatic business, even within the same country, and international moves can be even more stressful. So let Universal Exports take away all that strain. Even if you wish to keep costs down by doing a self-pack and self-load, once you put yourself in the capable hands of their team of removal experts, they are on-hand every step of the way, door to door, and you can put your worries behind you.

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