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Tenerife Removals Door-to-Door

You’ve found your dream home in Tenerife and you know you will need a reliable door-to-door service from a reputable removal company. You are determined to take all your possessions with you, including that comfy, three-piece leather suite you bought recently and don’t forget the delicate, bone-china dinner service passed down through the generations.

Finding the right company is so important because they will, if necessary, provide a full service, with a team of experts wrapping each item and packing them into a shipping container ready to be driven to docks and onward to the Canary Islands. Universal Exports, based in the UK and the south of Tenerife is the perfect company to handle all the details for you.

It’s a mighty step, leaving your home and moving abroad. The same applies if you are returning home after spending a few years in another country. Your head will be full of concerns, but as long as you have taken expert advice, you can forget all about worrying. With Universal Exports, there are no hit-and-miss measures, and extreme professionalism is the key.

Apart from household goods and personal items, you may also wish to take your car, motorbike or even a camper van. Size is no object and, whatever you want to bring with you, it will all be packed safely and insured for your additional peace of mind.

Having loaded everything up directly outside the home you are leaving, the next time you will see the container will be at the front of your new home overseas. Just like that! It sounds magical and it really is because Universal Exports have been doing it for families like yours for many years and know exactly what they doing. That leaves you free to concentrate on your own personal packing and travel arrangements.

Being experts in customs clearance, the team in Tenerife will ensure that everything is ready in plenty of time for when you move into your new home and they have permanent storage facilities to safeguard your belongings until you are ready to unload.

That’s it. Thanks to choosing a professional, door-to-door delivery company, everything arrives in the condition it left and you are well on the way to starting your new life. Now, sit down, open that bottle of bubbly and enjoy your new surroundings.